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Test Properties Dialog

The test properties dialog is displayed using either the View | Properties menu item on the main menu or the Properties item on the context menu. It shows information about the test and - if it has been run - about the results. The dialog contains a "pin" button in the upper right corner, which causes it to remain open as the user clicks on different tests.

Test Tab

This tab gives general information about the test itself.

Full Name

The fully qualified name of the test. In the image below, a tooltip is displaying the complete name, which did not fit in the label.

Test Count

The number of test cases contained directly or indirectly in this test.


Indicates whether the test can be run or not.


If the test is not Runnable, indicates the reason. This can be the reason given on an ignore attribute or an error such as trying to apply the Test attribute to a private method.

Result Tab

This tab is only visible if the user has run the selected test. It gives information about the success or failure of the test.

Success / Failure

Label indicating whether the test passed or failed.


The elapsed time in seconds to run the test.


If the test failed, the error message is shown here. In the image below, a tooltip is displaying the full text of the message.


If the test failed, the stack trace at the point of failure. In the image below, the stack display is truncated but could be displayed in a tooltip by the user hovering with the mouse.