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Delayed Constraint (NUnit 2.5)

DelayedConstraint delays the application of another constraint until a certain amount of time has passed. In it's simplest form, it replaces use of a Sleep in the code but it also supports polling, which may allow use of a longer maximum time while still keeping the tests as fast as possible.

The After modifier is permitted on any constraint, and the delay applies to the entire expression up to the point where After appears.

Use of a DelayedConstraint with a value argument makes no sense, since the value will be extracted at the point of call. It's intended use is with delegates and references. If a delegate is used with polling, it may be called multiple times so only methods without side effects should be used in this way.

Syntax HelperConstructorOperation
After(int)DelayedConstraint(Constraint, int)tests that a constraint is satisfied after a delay.
After(int, int)DelayedConstraint(Constraint, int, int)tests that a constraint is satisfied after a delay using polling.