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RequiresThreadAttribute (NUnit 2.5)

The RequiresThreadAttribute is used to indicate that a test method, class or assembly should be run on a separate thread. Optionally, the desired apartment for the thread may be specified in the constructor.

Note: This attribute, used with or without an ApartmentState argument will always result in creation of a new thread. To create a thread only if the current ApartmentState is not appropriate, use RequiresSTAAttribute or RequiresMTAAttribute.


// A thread will be created and used to run
// all the tests in the assembly


// TestFixture requiring a separate thread
[TestFixture, RequiresThread]
public class FixtureOnThread
  // A separate thread will be created and all
  // tests in the fixture will run on it.

public class AnotherFixture
  [Test, RequiresThread]
  public void TestRequiringThread()
    // A separate thread will be created for this test

  [Test, RequiresThread(ApartmentState.STA)]
  public void TestRequiringSTAThread()
    // A separate STA thread will be created for tnis test.

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